Southlake DPS Throws Shade On Astros In Latest Twitter Video

Andrew Greenstein
January 23, 2020 - 4:43 pm
Southlake PD

Southlake PD


SOUTHLAKE (1080 KRLD) - Southlake DPS shared a message of safe driving while throwing some serious shade to a scandal-ridden baseball team.

In the department's latest snarky Twitter video, an officer is doing radar enforcement along a busy street -- but no one is doing anything to get pulled over.

"(The officer) is radaring cars, and everyone is driving a perfect 30 miles an hour, and everyone is not driving distracted," says Ofc. Brad Uptmore, the mastermind behind Southlake DPS' Twitter feed.

The reason everyone is slowing down?

"About a block away, we've got a firefighter wearing an Astros jersey under his bunker gear banging on a trash can pointing at our officer," says Uptmore.

The Astros were caught banging on a trash can to alert their batters of off-speed pitches.

It's a scandal that has cost three managers and a general manager their jobs, the Astros five-million dollars in fines and the forfeiture of four draft picks.

Southlake DPS tagged the Astros in the tweet; but as of the posting of this story, the team has not reacted or responded.

"I doubt they will," says Uptmore. "They've been pretty mum on social media for the last three or four weeks."

While conveying a serious message, Uptmore says the video is all in fun.

"I tried to make the commercial in a way that even if you are an Astros fan, you would kind of smirk," Uptmore says.

The moral of the story?

"Our line at the end is that we want you to drive 'Astro-nomically' safe."