Southlake Police Suspect Vehicle

Southlake DPS

Southlake Police Looking For Possible Suspect Vehicle In Home Burglary

April 02, 2018 - 12:19 pm

SOUTHLAKE (KRLD) - Police in Southlake say they are looking for a vehicle that was driven by a person that may have been involved in a home burglary last month.

Southlake DPS tweeted out a picture Monday morning showing a white extended cab Chevrolet pickup truck "driving very quickly" in the alleys of the Lake Carillon district.

Police say the timing of the truck speeding away matches up with a burglary that occurred in the area on March 1. 

In that burglary, police say a suspect busted a victim's wooden gate, entered their backyard, located a house key that wasn't hidden very well, and entered a home to steal property. 

Authorities say the victim didn't have a camera at their home, but a neighbor that lived nearby provided a video of the suspicious truck to police.