Tarrant Area Food Bank Serves Record Number At Mobile Pantry

Alan Scaia
July 08, 2020 - 12:53 pm

    The Tarrant Area Food Bank held its third "mobile pantry" since the COVID-19 outbreak started Wednesday. The food bank says volunteers and the Texas National Guard filled about 3,500 cars with food.

    Each car received about 100 pounds of food, including milk and boxes of fruits, vegetables, meat and chicken. Cars also received a box of non-perishable food.

    The Texas National Guard and volunteers loaded boxes into cars; the food bank says the the National Guard cycled about 500 cars through the lines each hour.

    "We all are kind of looking out after each other," a woman in another car said. "I just appreciate these people who are out here in the heat, who are doing this in the 100 degree weather. You guys are really appreciated. I know people don't say it often enough, but we think it in our hearts."

    "This is a time of crisis, and we all need a helping hand and prayer," one man said while he waited in line.

    The Tarrant Area Food Bank says about 1,000 cars came to its first mobile pantry outside Dickies Arena in Fort Worth last month, and almost 2,500 came to the event in Arlington last week.

    The food bank says the additional cars Wednesday may be the result of another round of lay-offs forced by the recent restrictions to try to slow the increase in COVID-19 cases. Representatives say more people are also learning about the mobile pantries.

    "We know demand has increased even more than it did last week," says the Tarrant Area Food Bank's Jim MacPhearson. "But we are so blessed to have so many friends out here helping us."

    MacPhearson says the National Guard was cycling about 500 cars through the line each hour.