Teen Fighting For Her Life, Possibly Due To Vaping

Austin York
September 10, 2019 - 4:57 pm
Vape, Vaping



DALLAS (KRLD) - A Tyler teen is in the ICU at a Dallas hospital fighting for her life, and doctors believe vaping may be the reason.


17 year old Whitney Livingston complained of an upper respiratory problem 2 weeks ago. Her doctor told her she had bronchitis and early stages pneumonia. But within 24 hours her lungs had filled with fluid.

"Her oxygen levels were super low. She was admitted into the hospital in our hometown of Tyler. Then they moved her to ICU and transferred her to Dallas," her mother Jennifer Audas says.

Audas feels guilty because her daughter had been vaping for just 18 months and she thought it was safe.

"Its portrayed as being better than smoking cigarettes. We don't want our kids to be smoking anything, but if there is one that's safer than the other, that's the one you want them to do." Audas says. 

She is begging everyone, don't start vaping. And if you vape, stop.

"My daughter almost died. Fortunately she is on the mend, but I know the number is rising of the ones that aren't and did not make it." 

Livingston is expected to recover, but Audas says they aren't sure what kind of permanent damage she will have.

The number of lung disease cases related to vaping has jumped...not only nationwide...but also here in North Texas. Dallas County Heath and Human Services Director Dr. Philip Huang joined us earlier to discuss it on the KRLD News Line.