Tests Show Plano Water Is Safe

Steven Pickering
April 02, 2018 - 5:31 pm
Water Faucet

© Juri Samsonov | Dreamstime.com


PLANO (KRLD) - City officials in Plano are releasing the results of outside tests on the water being delivered to Plano residents. The water, supplied by the North Texas Municipal Water District, had some people raising concerns about a strong chlorine smell in the water as the district was conducting regular maintenance.

"We were trying to see the level of byproducts created during the chlorine maintenance period," said Plano Public Works Director Jerry Cosgrove. The city hired an outside laboratory for the tests, Cosgrove said, because "we wanted to have someone who was independent and someone who was accredited to conduct these test."

The tests tracked levels of two byproducts of the chlorination process: Trihalomethanes (or THMs) and Haloacetic acids (HAAs). "The big picture result is...the water is safe to drink," Cosgrove said. "The results for some of the trihalomethanes (THMs) came in high - but the federal rule is that you average the four previous quarters to see what the highest results are. We were well within the limit."

A statement from the City of Plano says high levels of those trihalomethanes cane have health impacts over a long period of time, but periodic short-term increases are not unhealthy. 

The tests did not measure the smell reported by some residents. "Typically, taste and odor do not have any thing to do with the overall quality of the water, " Cosgrove said. "It's more of an aesthetic standpoint."  The City's statement says a chlorine odor can occur when it is used as a water disinfectant. 

The North Texas Municipal Water District ended its 28-day chlorine flush on March 26th. The district issued a statement last week that the byproducts measured during the chlorine maintenance process were within regulatory standards.