Poll: Texans Slightly Favor Impeachment Inquiry Of President Trump

Chris Fox
November 01, 2019 - 5:09 pm
 U.S. President Donald Trump

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images


AUSTIN (KRLD) - According to the latest poll out of the University of Texas, 46-percent of Texans believe Congress is justified in the impeachment investigation while 42% don’t. When you break it down along party lines 84% of Democrats support the impeachment inquiry while 78% of Republicans don’t.

The University of Texas Politics Project Director Jim Henson says the most interesting group to follow in this poll is the Independents. “(They’re) more supportive of the impeachment proceeding than one might expect of a group that’s generally fairly conservative in Texas. 46% of Independents think Congress is justified in the impeachment investigation…a lower but still not trivial number of independents, 34% think that Trump should be removed from office.” Independents make up about 11% of the overall Texas electorate.

43% of Texans believe President Trump has taken action that justifies his removal from office while 44% don’t. Henson says 79% of Republicans don’t think the President should be removed, but 12% of them do. “There’s about nine to 12% of Republicans throughout this battery of questions that are Trump skeptics and it gives us a little bit of a sense of where there are small cracks in the foundation of support.”