Texas Artist Commissioned For Special Time Magazine Issue

Barbara Schwarz
March 10, 2020 - 6:12 am
macro artist's palette, texture mixed oil paints



Time magazine began featuring a Man of the Year in 1927.  In 1999, they switched to a Person of the Year.  Since then, eleven women have made the cover.  Now they have come out with a special edition with 100 covers of Women of the Year.  More than 600 nominations were submitted for the 89 new covers. 

A few weeks ago, a member of the staff contacted Nicole Jeffords of Austin and asked her participate but didn't tell her who she would be painting.

She agreed, and the next morning received a file with a few photos of Lilly Ledbetter, she of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. 

All the photos were taken in 2007.   She was given a deadline of one week.  Jeffords says she learned a lot about herself in the process.  "Like having to have faith that I could do something very quickly.  It was kind of a kick to work under that kind of deadline and with as much intensity.  You really learn who you are as an artist and what you can do."

Jeffords chose a profile and basically lived in her studio for a week.   "I figured it would take me three days to do the face, two days to do the hair, three days to paint what she was wearing and the background.  It was very hard to work towards the end because the canvas got so wet.  I didn't have drying time."

The artists were not allowed to talk about the commission until the project was finished.

Jeffords runs a website called Art Profiler.  "I'm out there a lot because I do so much political portraiture so I'm not that hard to find."


She says she plans to eventually offer the painting to the National Portrait Gallery.