Texas Bride-To-Be Shares Amazing Lost and Found Story

Kelli Wiese
May 17, 2018 - 4:11 pm
Jessica Haelen

Jessica Haelen


HOUSTON (KRLD) -  A Houston area bride-to-be is blushing with joy after a Galveston officer came to her rescue.

Jessica Haelen lost her engagement ring on a beach in Galveston. She spent the day at the beach with friends.

She says her friend was holding her engagement ring and handed it back to her in the car.

"I was holding the ring in my lap when the car got stuck. So we all got out and started pushing the car," Haelen said. 

They drove to a restaurant where she discovered her ring was missing. They went back to the beach but it was almost dark, so they used their iPhone flashlights to search.

"I started praying and I said God you know how many grains of sand there are in this entire world. You know how many hairs are on my head. I know for a fact you know where this ring is and you can help me find it."

She says it isn't just any ring, but it's her mom's ring, who passed away when she was in high school.

Jessica says after her prayer she saw an officer on the beach. She told him the story and says that officer Derrick Jaradi told her he just got engaged that very day and felt led to help her find her ring.

Jaradi left and came back with his own metal detector and they searched until midnight. That's when she and her friends went home after being exhausted.

At around 4:30 that morning, Officer Jaradi texted her and said he found the ring. 

" I knew it was a miracle. It was just incredible."

Jessica Haelen is just weeks away from walking down the aisle and she's inviting Jaradi to her wedding.