Texas GOP Bails On Holding In-Person Convention After Failed Legal Challenges

Chris Fox
July 14, 2020 - 5:27 am
Texas Flag

© Brandon Seidel | Dreamstime.com

The Texas Republican Convention has been officially been moved from Houston to online after two failed legal challenges on Monday.

The Texas GOP was rejected by both the State Supreme Court and a State District Court, signaling the end of their fight to overturn Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner’s order to terminate the GOP’s contract with the George R. Brown Convention Center due to the recent pandemic surge.

On Monday night members of the State Republican Executive Committee voted 53-to-4 to abandon plans to meet in-person in Houston this week and to hold their state convention online instead. This same group voted on Saturday to continue to fight for an in-person convention.

The party leaders were swayed on Monday night by the words of their top lawyer, Wade Emmert. He told them their legal options had run out, saying, “After two denials there was not a viable, legal remedy and with that I so advise the chair and this body that in my opinion there is no path forward to injunctive relief or equitable relief that would allow us to have an in person meeting at our location in Houston.”

The GOP online convention is set to run from July 16-18.