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Diamond Marquis Williams

A Fort Worth man is under arrest accused of kidnapping a teenage girl, and the girl managed to escape.Read more

Sabir Arebo Adem.
18-year-old Sabir Arebo Adem is accused of shooting and killing 17-year-old Devonte Duncan, following an argument last night.Read more
crested cuoa chick

A new chick is getting a lot of attention at the Dallas Zoo.  For the first time, a crested coua chick came into the world at the Zoo.Read more

Blood Donation

The ambulance provider in Fort Worth is hosting a blood drive Friday as part of a celebration of National EMS Week.Read more

Fort Worth Police Department

Fort Worth police say they will review the way they respond to kidnappings as a result of the case in Ryan Place last weekend.Read more

Police, Police Car,

A Lake Worth man was sentenced to probation for DWI -- but not for drinking alcohol.Read more

cigarette, tobacco products

Members of the Texas House and Texas Senate have approved a bill that would raise the minimum age to buy cigarettes and e-cigarettes to 21.Read more


The Texas House on Tuesday passed Senate Bill 1978 (SB 1978) by a vote of 79-to-64. The controversial bill would prevent governments from penalizing people or companies based on their religious affiliations.Read more

Gas Pump

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says four North Texas gas stations have agreed to reimburse customers in a post-Hurricane Harvey price gouging settlement.Read more

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8
The last time mechanics for Southwest Airlines had a contract, President Barack Obama was still in his first term in office and the Texas Rangers were coming off another World Series appearance.Read more