Texas Prisons Taking Extra Precautions In This Age Of COVID-19

Barbara Schwarz
April 08, 2020 - 5:37 am
Jail, jail doors



The numbers are rising, but as of Tuesday 26 inmates and 29 employees and contractors have tested positive for the virus.  106 inmates are awaiting test results and are in medical isolation.

More than ten thousand, 600 who may have been exposed and are not showing symptoms are in lockdown.  Jeremy Desel with the Texas prison system says inmates in ten different units are making cotton masks. "Being worn by anyone, employee or staff who sets foot in any of our prison units.  They're also optionally being worn by everyone in administration offices and they're being worn by parole officers in the field."

One correctional officer, who worked in Huntsville died Monday. The 49 year old had a heart attack April first and tested positive for the virus in the hospital.   Desel says they are emphasizing to their employees the importance of social distancing everywhere they go.  "To practice what their counties say as far as stay at home orders.  Despite the fact that we're an essential agency, we know the importance really is how these employees take care of themselves on the outside, to help keep the virus on the inside."

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