Texas Sets Record For COVID-19 Hospitalizations, Deaths, Rate Of Positive Tests

Alan Scaia
July 10, 2020 - 7:56 am

    Texas reported 105 deaths across the state from COVID-19 Thursday, and the number of hospitalizations reached 9,689. The seven day average of tests coming back positive was 15.56%. All three numbers were the highest since the outbreak began.

    During a series of interviews with television stations across the state, Governor Greg Abbott said "numbers are going to look worse" next week. Thursday, Abbott ordered hospitals in 100 counties to stop elective surgeries and said wearing masks has helped contain the spread of the virus in other countries. He said masks could help prevent the need for additional restrictions on businesses.

    Dallas County reported 1,201 additional cases Thursday along with ten deaths.

    The North Texas Medical Society Coalition answered questions on Facebook Live Thursday evening. Pulmonologist Harshit Rao specializes in lung diseases and ICU care. He says some patients have to spend four weeks in ICU.

    "We monitor them and manage them and give them therapies, sometimes not once but twice or thrice, as long as it takes to see if we can get them better," Rao says.

    Rao says that length of time in ICU may be leading to the longer-term issues some people have dealt with after recovering from COVID-19.

    "What you don't use, you lose. That's what happens to these folks," he says. "Rehab from debility takes a long time. It's been said that every day you spend in bed, you need a week of rehab."

    Hospitals in North Texas reported 2,293 available hospital beds Thursday and 244 available ICU beds. The number of open ICU beds has dropped from 320 Wednesday and 455 at the beginning of July.