The Flu Vaccine may not be Perfect, but it's Helpful

Barbara Schwarz
February 08, 2020 - 10:20 am
Flu Shot



DALLAS (KRLD) - Vaccines protect against the flu but in some situations vaccinated people can still get sick.  Dr. David Lakey, Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs for the University of Texas System says the shot may not protect you completely.  

Every year the virus mutates and scientists worldwide work together every year to predict the best strains to protect against. Sometimes it's not a perfect match. 

Lakes says    "Although the flu vaccine may not prevent all the symptoms of the flu, it can in some individuals prevent the more severe complications of influenza."

Those severe complications include secondary pneumonia and Lakey says the shot will likely keep you out of the hospital.  

Lakey says the vaccine this year is a good match for influenza A but a little weaker for type B, and there's more influenza B this year than in years past.

Your best protection is to get a flu shot and practice good hygiene.