Thomas Jefferson High School Students Move to Edison Middle School

Alan Scaia
October 23, 2019 - 10:46 am
Edison Middle School

Alan Scaia


DALLAS (KRLD) - Students from Thomas Jefferson High School started class Wednesday morning at Edison Middle School, about nine miles away. Thomas Jefferson High School was damaged in the tornado Sunday night.

"We're going to get them in class just like the first day of school, but there will also be those opportunities like the first day of school to talk about what they experienced," says Principal Sandi Massey.

She says teachers will encourage kids to talk about their emotions, and many of those teachers are dealing with storm damage, too.​ In addition to damage they might see at their own homes, Massey says teachers consider TJ High School a second home.

"It's just as hard for the teachers. They did lose their home. Literally, our home has been ripped out from under us," she says. "The love and the attention they put into their walls, the students' faces on the walls, the work on the walls, the art on the walls, all of that has been taken from us. It's a huge loss for the teachers."

Families arriving Wednesday morning were greeted by a DJ and cheerleaders from Conrad High School. Rangers Captain was also dancing outside the school before class started.

"That's great," one woman said as she dropped off her daughter. "At least there's some happiness between all the stress."

She says the roof of her house was damaged, and she still does not have power. Her daughter said she is glad to see friends again, but they will need time to adjust.

"It's stressful because we're in a whole new school, a whole different area than we're used to," she says.

Thomas Jefferson High School will not need to be demolished, but Massey says the school will need construction before it is safe for students and teachers to return.