Three Killed, Speed Cited for Crash in Plano

Alan Scaia
February 17, 2020 - 11:11 am
plano crash

Alan Scaia - KRLD


PLANO (KRLD) - Plano police say three people were killed early Monday in a crash on Hedgcoxe Road near Independence Parkway. They say one car was involved, and the driver lost control on Hedgcoxe, hitting the median and traveling 150 feet before stopping.

Police say the car was split in half by trees planted in the median.

About 3:45 Monday morning, police say the car's navigation and service system called 911. Operators said they had received notification the car's airbags had been deployed, but no one in the car was answering their calls.

Police and fire responded and found debris covering both directions of Hedgcoxe. They say the length of the damage trail suggests the car had been speeding before the crash.

Three people were found dead in the wreckage.

The three have been identified 18-year old Yuxuan Wang, 16-year old Yuchen Jin, and 18-year old Jin Chen.

Two of the three who were involved in the wreck were Plano ISD students.

"Obviously, had this car been traveling the posted speed limit and without any type of impairment, which, at this time, we don't know, these three individuals would most likely be alive right now," Plano Police Officer David Tilley said.

He says when crews arrived the front of the car was in flames. No one else was hurt, and no other cars were involved.

"There's always that potential danger even if you are the only car on the roadway. You can lose control," he says.

People who live in the neighborhood say cars often speed down Hedgcoxe, which has three lanes in each direction with a divided median.

"My heart goes out to the family of these people, whoever they may be," one woman said, who saw the damage when she left her house to go jogging. "Unfortunately, it sounds like nothing good happens at 3:45 in the morning."

Because of the damage, Tilley says police will have to wait for the medical examiner to identify the three people who died. The medical examiner will also confirm whether the driver had been drinking or had other drugs in his or her system.

Police shut down both directions of Hedgcoxe west of Independence Pkwy for about six hours Monday morning while they investigated.