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SL Police

Three Men Suspected Of Car Thefts Caught After Being Pulled Over For Not Wearing Seat Belts

July 22, 2019 - 5:59 pm

By Elizabeth Ragone 

SOUTHLAKE (KRLD) - Click-it or Ticket ended in an arrest for three men suspected of multiple car thefts in Southlake. The three men were pulled over for a seatbelt violation.

Police say they broke out the windows of two cars and stole purses from them on July 15th. Then, their sticky fingers grabbed a purse from an unlocked car further into town. The only clue was the suspects' white SUV.

Officer Brad Uptmore said an officer saw the driver of a white Chevy Equinox was not wearing his seatbelt on Southlake Boulevard. The trouble makers stirred the pot more when the officer smelled marijuana from their window.

"He gets all three guys out of the car," said Officer Uptmore. "As he gets out one of the guys in the back seat, a window-breaking tool falls out of the guy's lap and hits the ground. They searched the car a little more and they found a zipper bag that has a bunch of credit cards, i-d's, drivers' licenses, gift cards and obviously with none of these guys' names on them."

The suspects denied any involvement. Xavier Tyler Bolden Feldman, Brent Grant and Brandon Kelly were charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and fraudulent use or possession of identifying information.

Officer Uptmore said to make sure to hide your stuff, lock your car and take your keys. 

"Anything that looks like it's of value, move it inside," said Officer Uptmore. "Try to lock your stuff up, bring it with you and make sure your car is locked."​