Top Texas Baby Names In 2018

Chris Sommer
May 23, 2019 - 4:16 pm

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DALLAS (KRLD) - If you welcomed a baby daughter into the family last year, chances are good her name ends in the letter A.

The Social Security Administration released the lists of the most-popular baby names in Texas in 2018. Among girls, the top nine all end with A.

Emma was the No. 1 name for female babies across the state last year, with 2,152.  Isabella was a distant second, with 1,834.

Olivia claimed the third spot for girls, followed by Mia, Sophia, Camila, Ava, Sofia and Victoria. Evelyn rounded out the top ten.

For baby boys born last year in Texas, Liam was the most-popular name. A total of 2,149 male babies received the name in 2018. Noah was the runner-up choice, with 1,902.

Sebastian was third among boys. Mateo was next, with Elijah in fifth place. The rest of the top ten included Daniel, Jacob, Ethan, Matthew and Alexander.

It's also interesting to look back and see how the top names have changed in Texas over the years:

In 1968, the most-popular names were Michael and Lisa.

In 1978, Michael and Jennifer topped the charts.

In 1988, it was Christopher and Jessica.

In 1998, Jose and Emily took the respective crowns.

In 2008, Jose and Emily were still on top.

Jose ranked 12th among boys last year.  Michael was 17th and Christopher was 33rd.  For girls, Emily was 14th in 2018.  Lisa, Jennifer and Jessica no longer rank in the top 100.