"Tower Army" Watches the Leaning Tower of Dallas from Around the World

John Liddle
February 28, 2020 - 5:17 pm
Leaning Tower of Dallas

Credit: 1080 KRLD


DALLAS (KRLD) - The Leaning Tower of Dallas has become a viral sensation in DFW.  People from all over North Texas have come to the building at Central Expressway and Haskell to take photos and make memories in front of the ill-fated tower.

But the ability to watch the progress of the demolition on live streaming camera has formed a global group called the "Tower Army," or "Tower Family."

Stephen Detsch is originally from New Hampshire but now lives in Nottingham, England.  For more than a week, he and his extended "Tower Family," have obsessively watched the live stream, trying to predict what might happen.

It started with just watching the comically tiny wrecking ball chip away at the top of the tower, but then the group started playing games.

"As it gets later on in the evening, we have a little drinking game," Detsch says.  "If a plane flies by you take a drink.  But since the camera angle changed, (now) it's if someone uses the porta-potty, you drink."

Detsch says day two was the worst.

"Day two, there were a lot of planes," Detsch said.  "I ended up finishing an entire bottle (of wine) that day."

Detsch estimated that there are about 300 loyal members of the "Tower Army," who have varying theories over how the Leaning Tower of Dallas saga will eventually end.

But when it does, they'll be watching.  And drinking.  Maybe.