UTSW Expanding To RedBird Mall

Steven Pickering
December 12, 2019 - 3:59 pm
UTSW Redbird

Steven Pickering


DALLAS (KRLD) - UT Southwestern will open a new medical center in south Dallas in 2021. UTSW will use the old Sears space at RedBird Mall, which is being redeveloped by Peter Brodsky.

"As part of our mission to improve the health of our community, we are excited by the opportunities presented by this redevelopment effort to bring additional medical services to those living and working in southern Dallas,” said Dr. Daniel K. Podolsky, President of UT Southwestern.  

The medical center will be similar to existing UTSW regional facilities in Frisco, Richardson, Fort Worth, and Las Colinas. It will offer people in the surrounding neighborhood speciality medical services without the need to travel to the main UTSW campus in downtown Dallas. 

"When we look at the patients who travel to UTSW for care every day, about 11 percent of our patients actually live closer to RedBird than they do to our medical center. So this is part of our strategy of meeting patients and families where they are and bringing care closer to them," said Dr. John Warner, Executive Vice President of Health System Affairs at UTSW. 

UTSW officials are still studying exactly which specialties the new facility will offer, but they do have some ideas in mind based on the needs of the surrounding community. "One is around the prevention and screening for cancer, the same story with cardiovascular disease...and also brain health and brain care," Dr. Warner said. "Our next step is to meet with community members...and hear from them about what they want and what they need."

The new medical center is expected to open in the spring or summer of 2021. RedBird was an attractive location, Dr. Warner said, because of the existing infrastructure at the site. "What we've seen around the country...is taking existing real estate and remodeling it in a way that you can use it for medical care - that's a good use of resources."

The new medical center is expected to employ about 100 people. It's part of an overall redevelopment of the RedBird site by majority owner Peter Brodsky that will include new office space and a hotel.