Veteran Gets Help Rebuilding His Home After It Burned Down

Cameron Fairchild
March 19, 2018 - 2:50 pm
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Brandon Seidel |


DALLAS (KRLD) - An elderly veteran's home goes up in flames. That's when his streak of GOOD luck, began.

75-year-old Army Veteran Arthur Shelton's Dallas home burned down a few months back. He was patching up a portion of the ruin, enough to live in, while he decided what to do about a long-term place to live. His insurance had been cancelled because of a technicality. And even with help from the Veterans Administration, restoring his home would cost Shelton more than he could possibly afford. 


"It's not costing me anything. It's not costing me a thing."

Shelton discovered a lot of people, and organizations, were not going to let him fight through the loss of his home, by himself. 

"God bless them. Through the Red Cross, and the V.A., and the Heart Foundation, a lot of other people volunteered time and material. And they're all putting my house together. So, that's where I am on it right now."

Jimmy Snyder of B.L.C. Construction is one of the people rebuilding Shelton's home. 

"I was contacted by the V.A. Just before his house burned down, the insurance company dropped his homeowner's insurance because he had asbestos tiles on the outside of his house."

Snyder says the project is in the home stretch, and he hopes to have the home ready for Shelton to move in, in the next few weeks. 

And Shelton?

"God. It's like a gift. I'm still wondering if I'm going to wake up, and it's all a dream. I mean, it's kind of surreal. I'm seeing it, and I'm living it, but it's just like it's happening, but it's not happening. It means so much."