White Rock Lake To Re-Open After Raw Sewage Leak

Steven Pickering
July 02, 2018 - 3:51 pm
White Rock Lake

Credit: J.Burkett Photo


DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - Crews with the North Texas Municipal Water District are about to wrap up their work dealing with nearly a million gallons of un-treated sewage that was released into White Rock Creek last week. A contractor ruptured a sewage line, which allowed the untreated sewage to escape.

"Over the weekend, the staff worked extremely hard for 24 hours a day," said Denise Hickey with the North Texas Municipal Water District. "The affected area of White Rock Creek was a one-mile stretch between the President George Bush Turnpike and Frankford Road."  Crews used pumps to remove the untreated sewage from that area and divert it into the wastewater collection system for the City of Dallas. "That's where the cleanup efforts have focused on. With completion of that cleanup today, there will be no impact to White Rock Lake."

The City of Dallas issued a statement that its White Rock Lake partners can resume normal operations effective today. The White Rock Lake Dog Park Launch will reopen on Tuesday, July 3.

"Crews are completing the last phases of the cleanup today," said Hickey. "We appreciate all of the efforts of our staff...our environmental crews and especially those that were in the creek this weekend."