Whitehall Texas Mayor is a Baby

Barbara Schwarz
December 16, 2019 - 6:55 pm
baby mayor.png



DALLAS (KRLD) - The youngest mayor in the country lives in Texas.  Sure, it's an honorary title, but seven-month-old Charlie McMillan is mayor of the unincorporated Grimes County community of Whitehall. 

He became mayor after his parents were the high bidder of a plaque.  His mother, Nancy Jane says Charlie's platform is Make America Kind Again.   "At a time when our nation is politically divided, we could use a little kindness.  It doesn't take a whole lot of kindness to go a long way."

His father Chad adds "He's a Trump supporter, he's a Nancy Pelosi supporter, he loves everyone.  He's a baby.  He has no discrimination at all."

He says Charlie was a hit at his inauguration.  Chad says 80 of the 140 or so people in attendance picked the baby up, passed him around and danced with him. Charlie will be mayor for one year. 

Chad says he's so popular he'll probably get a second term in late 2020.