Woman's Search For Late Son's Dog May Have Paid Off

Andrew Greenstein
July 15, 2019 - 5:38 pm

Renee Peterson


MALAKOFF (1080 KRLD) - A grieving mother's search for her late son's dog may have a happy ending.

Ben Olsen, 19, had recently moved to Fort Worth from San Antonio.

Just days after the move, Olsen was hit by a car and killed near DFW Airport.

At least temporarily, Olsen had left behind his blue heeler puppy named Milo.

"He had rescued him when he was working in West Texas," says Olsen's mother, Renee Peterson.

Last Thursday, Peterson, who lives in Malakoff, about 75 miles southeast of Dallas, posted photos of Milo on her Facebook page in a desperate search to find him.

On Monday, she got word that a dog matching Milo's description recently showed up at the home of a woman in San Antonio.

"She said the dog came into her yard about three or four days ago, and he did respond when she said Milo, says Peterson. "The markings appear to be pretty spot on as far as the markings of the pictures that I have versus what she posted."

Peterson will head to San Antonio on Thursday to see if the dog is, indeed, Milo.

"I’m going to be taking a voice recording with me of my son's voice and see if he reacts that way," says Peterson.