Oklahoma Woman Refuses To Accept $80 Ticket, Gets Tasered By Police

Susan Darwin
August 01, 2019 - 10:29 am
Police Officer



A 65-year-old Oklahoma woman is now facing criminal charges after  refusing to accept an $80 traffic ticket. 

*See the video below

Debra Hamil was pulled over last month for a broken tail light but she refused to sign for the ticket and took off. 

A police officer chased her down, then was forced to tase her when she resisted arrest. 

The bodycam video, that's now gone viral , shows her trying to kick the officer. Hamil admits trying to kick the officer, saying she did it because she's "a country girl."

She's pleaded not guilty to charges of resisting arrest and  assault and battery on a police officer . 

She's due back in court August 27.