One Killed, 15 Injured In Explosion At Gatesville Hospital

L.P. Phillips
June 27, 2018 - 4:51 pm
Fire Truck

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GATESVILLE (KRLD) - It may be a while before authorities know the cause of yesterday's fatal explosion at a Gatesville hospital, but officials have new details about how they are handling the investigation.

Gatesville police chief Nathan Gohlke says one construction worker was killed and 15 others were injured in the blast at a construction site at Coryell Memorial Healthcare System hospital.

Some were burned so severely they had to be flown to Parkland Hospital in Dallas for advanced treatment.

The State Fire Marshal will lead the investigation.

Right now, Gohlke says they are just trying to get through all the debris before they can even try to determine the cause of the explosion.

In a practical sense, emergency responders also have to figure out where to send today's emergency patients since the hospital is still shut down.

One doctor noted, because the blast happened at a hospital, help arrived on the scene immediately. Leading to lives probably being saved.