Plano Ending Library Fines

Steven Pickering
September 25, 2018 - 5:56 pm

Viorel Dudau |


PLANO (KRLD) - The Plano Public Library will stop issuing fines for over-due books. The policy change takes effect on Monday, October 1st at the start of the city's new fiscal year.

"We think it will bring a lot of people who had stopped using us back into the library," said Director of Libraries Libby Holtmann. "Eliminating overdue fines removes barriers for those who most need our resources."

Tracking and processing the fines was proving to be time-consuming for the library's staff. "We didn't see the benefit being huge to the city when we were expending more staff time doing something that wasn't bringing in a reasonable revenue to the city," Holtmann said. "It was actually in a deficit mode."

Starting Monday, the library will remove fees from people's accounts. "Should an item be checked out and not come back on the expected date, no fine would be assessed on a daily basis. We think it will be a great service to our patrons," Holtmann said, "allowing them to bring back materials as soon as they possibly can but without that fine attached to it."

Under the new policy, people with overdue books will still be blocked from checking out new books until those overdue materials are returned. There will also be fees for lost or damaged items.