Plano ISD To Limit High School Class Rankings

Kristin Weisell
June 13, 2018 - 9:28 am

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PLANO (1080 KRLD) - The Plano ISD has followed the example of other North Texas school districts in their decision to limit high school class rankings.

The school board voted last night to rank only the top 10 percent of students. Plano ISD will not make any rankings public, and will share a student's ranking only if they ask for it.

“This change fulfills our goal to create a system that benefits 100% of our students,” says Susan Modisette, Plano ISD's assistant superintendent for campus services. “In a district that is as high performing as Plano ISD and where class rank can represent very minor differences in GPA, we believe that not ranking will work in favor of more students’ being admitted to colleges of their choice.”

Plano ISD's vote follows the example set by Frisco ISD's vote earlier this week. They voted to rank only the top 10 percent of students in a decision made Monday night. Officials in Plano ISD are hoping their changes to the system will keep students from fixating on rank​.

“It is our hope that the use of a Ranking GPA will allow students to make selections, beyond core courses, based on their true interests, rather than pursuing classes simply because they have a highly weighted grade point attached,” said Modisette. “We hope to see more students following their aspirations to take courses in areas like career and technical education, fine arts and athletics.” 

Frisco and Plano ISD now join Highland Park, Coppell and Carroll ISD. These districts have not ranked students outside of the top 10 percent for years.​