Plano Transitioning To "Wail Only" Emergency Sirens

Kristin Weisell
March 25, 2019 - 12:33 pm
Warning Siren, Tornado Siren,

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PLANO (1080 KRLD) - Last night's storms sparked a lot of confusion in Plano, and today the city has a plan to fix that.

Plao officials say they’re transitioning to wail-only sirens, to keep people from going outside in severe weather.

The hail storms that came through North Texas recently set Plano's emergency sirens off, with an accompanying voice message saying “tornado warning”.

The city says there was in fact a small funnel cloud above them, but it never touched ground. Still, the voice message had people going outside trying to hear it, which is the opposite of what should happen.

“When sirens sound, they mean go inside,” says Carrie Reyes, Plano's director of emergency management. “But we had people going outside and possibly risking themselves.”

The future wail-only sirens will just be a constant wail tone, without the voice to go along.

Plano already has the technology to make the transition, but there is some training to be done. The transition should be complete by the time we see severe weather again.