Plano's Police Chief Applauds Red Light Cameras

Steven Pickering
February 22, 2019 - 6:26 am
Red Light Traffic Camera

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PLANO (1080 KRLD) - The Police Chief in Plano is touting the benefits of the city's red light camera program, saying the cameras have helped reduce traffic fatalities in his city.

Plano Police Chief Greg Rushin is also pledging to fight to keep the cameras if any bills affecting the program come up for debate during the current session of the Texas Legislature in Austin.

The Chief was one of several city officials who took part in a town hall meeting in Plano to answer questions from residents. Mike Holmes told the Chief and the City Council that "there's not a day that I'm not out driving around in Plano where there's  a minimum of one car running a red light if not two or three. Somehow our police department needs to police this better." He singled out the red light cameras as a positive addition to Plano. "I would welcome more of those around this city," he said.

The Chief noted that the Plano Police Department does have a specialized Traffic Unit, but also relies on the red light camera network to spot violations. "We have a very good red light camera program. We're fighting in the legislature this year to maintain that program. Some people think it's a money grab, other people like myself see it as a way to save lives and prevent crashes," Chief Rushin said. "It's an argument going on in Austin like it does every two years. It's something that we think is very important in this community and we can show there's a decreases in crashes from that red light camera program."

Plano implemented its red light camera program in 2005. Chief Rushin said that intersections with red light cameras have shown an average 33 percent decrease in crashes. There are 17 intersections with cameras.

Irving attorney Russell Bowman sued Plano over its red light camera program last year, claiming the cameras were unconstitutional.