Power company worker, Repairing wires


Power Slowly Coming Back, Thousands Still In The Dark

June 11, 2019 - 1:08 pm

DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - Power is slowly coming back on in some Dallas neighborhoods as utility workers and residents continue to clean up after the storms.

While some electricity have been waiting at family or friends' homes for their powe rto come back, others have stayed in their non air conditioned homes. They say there's one thing to be thankful for the relatively low temperatures.

Many also say they haven't even bought groceries since they'd rather them not spoil in the heat.

Oncor has brought in outside help form across 11 states to help the already overworked crews help them in their power restoration.

Grant Cruise says it's not always about just getting people back on the grid.

"We've seen lots of trees down, that's a lot of what we were working on overnight" said Cruise. "We are not just restoring power, but also cutting trees, clearing out brush, and resetting poles." 

"This isn't just a restoration effort, it's really a reconstruction in many parts of our territory" said Cruise.

Anyone who's still without power can check to see if there are downed power lines on their property and call an electrician to get those fixed. That speeds up Oncor's power restoration.