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Pressure Building For States To Take Over Responsibility Of Healthcare Reform

December 18, 2018 - 6:25 am

By Chris Fox, 1080 KRLD Austin Bureau Chief

AUSTIN (1080 KRLD) - Attorney Rob Henneke represented the plaintiffs in the Federal suit against Obamacare.

On a conference-call he said he’s confident the lower court ruling, striking down the Affordable Care Act will hold up on appeal. “As this case moves to the Federal Court this now is the opportunity for the GOP and for states to get it right…to step up to address concerns about people being able to get coverage and care when they’re sick.” Henneke also called on state leadership to stand up and claim this issue. “One of the most important take-a-ways is that it is not the proper role of the Federal Government to regulate healthcare and health insurance.”

As for dealing with pre-existing condition protections, Henneke suggests states establish Guaranteed Protection Pools for those worried about the continuity of their healthcare. He also called on states to “eliminate regulations that could interfere with the opportunities for states and individuals have more freedom in choosing their doctor.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott was clearly thinking along the same lines as Henneke as he released the following statement. It appears to have been designed to put Texans at ease that they won’t be left without healthcare options.

"After the trial court decision striking down the ACA, Congressional leaders have been clear that Americans will not go without healthcare insurance, including protections for pre-existing conditions. As the ACA lawsuit goes through the appellate process, Texas will work with the Administration to get appropriate waivers from federal law allowing insurers to provide coverage at lower rates while ensuring that Texans with pre-existing conditions continue to have access to quality healthcare. Additionally, Texas will begin the process of reforming state regulations and proposing changes to laws that will achieve those same goals. Importantly, Texas will strive to expand healthcare insurance coverage, reduce the cost of healthcare, and ensure that Texans with pre-existing conditions are protected."