Purse Snatching Ring Targeting Women In Arlington

Andrew Greenstein
March 20, 2018 - 3:19 pm
Purse Snatchers

Arlington Police


ARLINGTON (1080 KRLD) - Police in Arlington are looking for a group of purse snatchers.

"We do feel like this is more than one person who is involved in this right now," says Steven Bartolotta, a spokesman with the Arlington Police Department.

Bartolotta says the purse snatching ring is targeting Asian women on the city's east side. He says they'll wait for the woman to exit the business before striking -- and it only takes two to three seconds.

"A suspect will typically be in a car behind them. They will jump out of the vehicle very quickly, and they will go open the passenger side door, grab the purse, and run off with that, jump into the vehicle and leave," Bartolotta says.

Bartolotta says while these people are on the loose, women need to be extra vigilant outside busy shopping centers.

"When you open your car door, see if there's any suspicious vehicle that may be following you or potentially looks like they are," Bartolotta says, "and when you do, lock your car before you even start your vehicle."

If you have any information, call Det. Trinh at 817-459-5805.