Joaquin Phoenix and Martin Sheen Arrested in Jane Fonda's Protest

January 10, 2020 - 12:52 pm

Actors Joaquin Phoenix and Martin Sheen were detained Friday in Washington D.C., along with several others at a protest organized by Jane Fonda.

Fonda's been a regular protester in conjunction with the Fire Drill Fridays (FDF) group in the Nation's capital, speaking out on climate change and demands for a Green New Deal. 

Friday's protest was to urge people to consider going vegan to help the environment. Those gathered are also demanding the end of new fossil fuel exploration and tax subsidies to oil companies. 

Fonda's been arrested four times since October, along with fellow Hollywood superstars, Sally Field, Ted Danson, Samer Waterson, and Rosanna Arquette. 

Had Fonda been arrested Friday, her team says the jail time would have been significant and she is needed for the cause.

The next FDF protest will take place in California.