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Rainy With A Chance Of Depression: Is That How You Feel?

October 17, 2018 - 5:33 pm

PLANO (KRLD) - It seems like these rainy days just keep coming. For some of us, this just brings the blues.

Plano psychologist Dr. Sylvia Gearing says a lot of people are feeling less than sunny right now and it's a very natural reaction.

"We know that rainy days can really depress a person's mood.  We also know that rainy days can depress cognitive processing and functioning. Especially, if you already have a history of depression," Dr. Gearing says.

Gearing adds that it's important for you to develop a strategy. 

"The first thing I would do is to not isolate yourself. I would advise people to do what we call in our business opposite action. So, if you're feeling grumpy go out and do something. But, most of all find somebody you can spend time with. If there's no one that's available, go to the mall. Do something to get yourself around other people." 

Gearing says, "We know from science that you have to actively engineer and cultivate experiences that are positive. Most of all things that you look forward to. 

 "Your favorite cup of coffee in your car, your favorite music, anything that's going enhance your five senses and make it a more pleasurable experience."

Gearing also says that laughter really helps. So, maybe you can check out a funny movie or funny podcast.