Real Estate Reigns As Most Preferred Long Term Investment

Kelli Wiese
July 17, 2019 - 2:44 pm
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A new study by found 31% of Americans say real estate is the best way to invest money that they wouldn't need for more than 10 years.

Bank Rate Chief Financial Analyst Greg McBride says, "The stock market is a very distant second followed closely by cash investments."

He says the preference for real estate is virtually the same among all income groups. McBride says, "Where we did see a differential among income groups was when it came to things like the stock market. Households with a yearly income above $50,000 are about twice as likely to point to the stock market as the best way to build wealth over a period of longer than ten years."

He says millennials prefer real estate more than any other generation and the highest preference for cash has shifted to the Baby Boomers.