Robber Stops Mid-Burglary To Dance


Robber Stops Mid-Burglary To Dance For The Security Camera

May 16, 2018 - 4:00 pm

CCTVs at a business in Fresno, CA. that was burglarized, caught something quite odd.  While the establishment was being robbed, the thief decided to stop and take a dance break to celebrate his success.  

Detectives discovered the dancing bandit while scaning through 3 days of security footage while investigating the burglary.  The suspect was arrested near by while in possession of a laptop that was stolen from the business.  Police continued to mention that the suspect also had a key to the building and one other that belonged to an office where the laptop was missing from. 

Police discovered that he had multiple warrants, including a probation warrant.  He was also arrested for giving false information as he used a fake name when taken into custody.