Salvation Army To Distribute Nearly 1,000 Box Fans To Battle Heat

Cameron Fairchild
July 18, 2018 - 7:24 am
Box Fan

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DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - With unrelenting heat pounding down on Texas, the Salvation Army is stepping in to help people who can't find any relief from the dog days.

Major Jon Rich with the Salvation Army in North Texas says the relief group is distributing nearly a thousand box fans, to anyone who needs them.

"The people who benefit from this program are very very grateful, for this kind of help, to get relief. Many people are suffering during this time. We've talked to people who have said to us that this has really saved them in many ways. Made it possible for them to sleep at night, and be in their home, during the oppressive heat."

Rich says many people feel they just can't afford to run their air conditioners during the heat wave. He also says some can't afford to repair or replace air conditioners which break down.

The Salvation Army is delivering the fans to their centers. Rich says people can pick one up at their nearest Salvation Army center some time over the next couple of days.