Texas Capitol Building

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School Safety Through Better Parenting Pitched At State Capitol

July 19, 2018 - 5:56 am

AUSTIN (1080 KRLD) - State lawmakers are considering parenting classes as a public school safety strategy in the wake of the Santa Fe High school shooting.

State Senate Violence in Schools Select Committee member Don Huffines invited Dallas Family Therapist Dr. Cedric Wood to testify on the topic.

Wood told committee members “creating more general mental health, not just preventing school shootings, is starting with teaching parenting to the parents of 2025, 2030…The parents of kids who are going to be in high school in 2040.”

Senator Huffines is a staunch supporter of the idea. “If you really think about it, what could be more valuable than teaching our teenagers how to be a good parent?” Huffines even proposed a perspective curriculum that would allow school districts to pick a variety of local sources to contribute.  “We can teach them how to resolve conflict with a future spouse…How to speak to the spouse…what is respectful…How do you define a great marriage and great relationship?”

Dr. Wood also suggested the State expand the shrinking Parenting and Paternity Awareness program the legislature passed over a decade ago.