Second Partial Government Shutdown Unlikely

Barbara Schwarz
February 13, 2019 - 6:20 am
US Capitol Building

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DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - Republican and Democratic lawmakers have a proposed budget bill.  This one allots nearly one point four billion dollars for border security, which is about three hundred million dollars less than the amount offered in December. 

President Trump's refusal to sign that measure led to a five week partial government shutdown, the longest in this nation's history. 

Another partial shutdown looms Friday if no deal is made.  Trump now says "I can’t say I’m happy. I can’t say I’m thrilled,  But the wall is getting built, regardless. It doesn’t matter because we’re doing other things beyond what we’re talking about here."

Trump had asked for five point seven billion for the border wall with Mexico. 

SMU political scientist Cal Jillson says "The Republicans in Congress have been telling him that this is as good as he's going to be able to get with Democrats in control of the House, so he needs to sign it because Republicans took the blame for the last government shutdown."

He says the president is caught between a rock and a hard place.  "The problem is he's got nowhere else to go,  He's got to sign the bill to keep the government open, and I think he really has to move on to another issue that he can win on, because he can't win on the border wall."

He says at Trump's speech Monday night when the crowd yelled to build the wall, he said back to them "what you mean is finish the wall, finish the wall, finish the wall.  We've already been building it, we've almost got it done."  Jillson says some prominent right wing pundits and supporters will see as a defeat for the president.  

Jillson believes Republicans in congress believe they would be blamed if there is another shutdown.   "Polling show pretty clearly that the public, about two to one, doesn't believe that a wall is necessary on the border.  They don't believe there's a crisis on the border.  They do there are issues in regard to the border that need to be resolved and we should improve our ability to find out who are coming in through ports of entry."