Sherman Celebrates Opening of New Manufacturing Plant

Steven Pickering
July 09, 2018 - 6:12 pm
Finisar Technicians

Courtesy Photo: Apple Newsroom


SHERMAN (KRLD) - A high-tech company based in Silicon Valley has opened a new factory in North Texas.

Finisar Corp. will build vertical-cavity-surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) at a facility in Sherman, Texas. Those lasers are used in 3-D scanners with applications ranging from facial-recognition apps on cell phones to accident-prevention systems in automobiles.

"The number of applications that we're talking about are enormous," Finisar CEO Michael Hurlston told KRLD's David Johnson for the CEO Spotlight.

"It starts with facial recognition. You can apply it to cell phones, you can apply it to cars. In the car...if you're nodding off, we can detect that using the same kind of underlying technology that's used in phones for security features and use it for safety."

Finisar purchased an industrial building in Sherman formerly owned by MEMC Electronic Materials Inc. and converted it into a new factory. The company plans to employ about 500 people at the facility. It began hiring earlier this year and celebrated the official grand opening of the plant with a ribbon-cutting ceremony today.  

Local officials are celebrating the progress at the site.

"Since Finisar has made their announcement there's been increased activity in Grayson County," said County Judge Bill Magers. "I call it the Finisar Effect."

Magers is optimistic about the impact the company will have on both the region's economy and reputation.  

"Obviously, the international recognition that Grayson County and Sherman are receiving is priceless," he said. "We've got more national builders interested in Grayson County because of this publicity. It helped Sherman form a task group to build more homes for our citizens." 

The first production tooling has been installed and qualified at the facility, and Finisar anticipates beginning production by the end of the year.