Six Flags Announces New Water Coaster

Steven Pickering
August 29, 2019 - 4:17 pm

Six Flags Over Texas


DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - Six Flags Over Texas will debut a new roller coaster next year that includes some elements of a water ride. "Aquaman: Power Wave" should be ready for the start of the park's 2020 season.

The "launch coaster" will carry riders up to the top of two towers before bringing them back down for a landing in a pool at the base of the track.

"The really unique feature of this ride is that it ends in a gigantic splash. It gets hot out here in the summer and our guests have told us they want cooler experiences," said CEO Steven Martindale. "This is really going to be a cool ride."

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor also plans to open an all-new slide complex called Banzai Pipeline.

The park is also taking steps to accommodate guests during cooler weather. Effective immediately, Six Flags Over Texas will remain open on the weekends year-round. The park had previously been closed during January and February.

"We have a lot of nice weather during the wintertime, so it's a pretty big bet that we're going to have a lot of folks coming out during the winter," Martindale said.