Skimmer Found At McKinney Gas Station

Steven Pickering
January 15, 2019 - 5:08 pm
McKinney Skimmer

Texas Department of Agriculture


MCKINNEY (KRLD) - Inspectors from the Texas Department of Agriculture found a credit card skimmer on a pump at a gas station in McKinney on Monday.

They notified the McKinney Police Department, which removed the device from the Valero station on 75 at White Avenue.

Skimmers are used by thieves to collect information on customers' credit cards. They can be installed on gas pumps without the knowledge of the store's employees. Gas pumps are inspected by the Texas Department of Agriculture. Officials are urging customers to monitor their credit card and bank statements for any suspicious charges.

The Texas Department of Agriculture also has several tips for people to avoid having their credit card information stolen:

• Use the gas pump closest to storefront, in line of sight for store personnel

• Before pumping, check for unusual bluetooth signals with ID of string of numbers and letters; might be a skimmer

• Check that security tape on pump cabinet has not been damaged. Torn tape might indicate cabinet opened without store personnel's knowledge

• If you think you've been skimmed, contact 1-800-TELL-TDA.