Some Polls Show O'Rourke Trailing Cruz By Six Points

Austin York
November 05, 2018 - 3:33 pm
Political campaign signs 2018

Credit: J.Burkett Photo

DALLAS (KRLD 1080)-  All eyes will be on the race for Senate between Democratic Congressman Beto O'Rourke and sitting Senator Ted Cruz. 

Both candidates have made stops in north Texas before Tuesdays vote. Senator Cruz was in Collin County Sunday, before making his way to First Church of Pearland Monday. He told his supporters, success is a simple equation. 

"You cut taxes. You simplify the tax code. You repeal job killing regulations and small businesses grow and prosper. They hire more people and the state of Texas does great," he says.

Meanwhile O'Rourke made a stop in Dallas, at the Magnolia Hotel saying he wants to make sure each Texan has affordable health care.

"4 million of our fellow Texans don't have health care. Many have some form of health care, but as we learned from a teacher in Weatherford who died from the flu this year, if its not guaranteed, it doesn't really count."

Some polls show O'Rourke trailing Cruz by six points.