SPCA Texas

SPCA Texas

SPCA Gets Custody Of Injured Dog; Investigation Underway

January 09, 2019 - 3:27 pm

DALLAS (KRLD) - The Dallas Police Department has started an animal cruelty investigation in Dallas after a dog was found stumbling around with massive injuries. 

The 8-year-old Shepard mix named Lucky was transferred to the SPCA of Texas Jan Rees-Jones Animal Care Center from Dallas Animal Services on Monday, January 7. MadelineYeaman with the SPCA of Texas says the dog had a two-hour surgery to clean and close deep puncture wounds to the head, ear, and neck.

"The injuries had maggots in them, which indicated to us that he had the injuries for a while, and that they had gone untreated," Yeaman says.

She says, unfortunately, they had to remove Lucky's left ear. 

"Dallas Animal Services was able to contact the dog's owner and they agreed to give up ownership of Lucky."

Lucky's former owner could face animal cruelty charges when police determine if Lucky did not receive proper medical care. 

Yeaman says they always need donations, to provide animals like Lucky the care they need.

To give, simply go to www.spca.org