Spirit Park To Open In Allen In Two Weeks

Andrew Greenstein
September 21, 2018 - 7:00 am
Spirit Park

City of Allen

ALLEN (1080 KRLD) - Allen has no shortage of parks for kids -- but very soon, one that’s geared towards adults will be opening.

In just over two weeks, the City of Allen will open Spirit Park on Ridgeview Dr. between Alma Dr. and Stacy Rd. -- and it will fill a growing need in the city.

"Our adults had been in a complex over at Ford (Park)," says Tim Dentler, Allen parks and recreation director. "It was built back in the 80s, and it was the one and only complex that was really built to handle adult sports."

There’s something different about the four softball fields in Spirit Park.

"Something unique about this complex is we've added artificial turf, and there aren't many adult athletic complexes with artificial turf," says Dentler.

Even though Spirit Park was built with adults in mind, the kids aren’t being left out.

"Whenever we build a community park, which this is classified as, we build typically a pretty large playground with it, because we also look at these facilities as something that serves the surrounding community, the surrounding neighborhoods," Dentler says.

The park is 75 acres in size -- one-third of which is being kept natural.

"It saves and protects the forested area but also serves as a buffer to the surrounding community, the neighborhoods," says Dentler.

Folks looking for refreshments will really be in for a treat.

"What's going to be unique about this complex is we're going to have, instead of a traditional concession stand that's built into the facility, we're going to actually have one or two food trucks or food trailers," Dentler says.

The grand opening celebration for Spirit Park is Saturday, October 6th, from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m., featuring softball games, live music, food and beverages, and more.