State Files Motion To Combine Wesley And Sini Mathews Murder Trials

L.P. Phillips
December 18, 2018 - 5:38 pm
Wesley and Sini Mathews

Richardson Police


DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - With less than a month before the scheduled trial....prosecutors and attorneys for a Richardson woman accused in the death of her child are maneuvering. Sini Mathews is charged with Child Abandonment in the October 2017 death of her 3-year old girl, Sherin. Her trial is scheduled for next month. Estranged husband Wesley is facing a capital murder charge. His trial is scheduled for May. 

The State has filed a motion to have both cases tried at the same time. And now Mathews' lawyer has filed his own motion to make sure the cases stay separate. The judge has yet to rule on either request.

But there's another twist. 

As a new administration is about to take over the District Attorney's office, there has been a reorganization and now neither of the prosecutors who had been working on the case will be in the DA's office next year. District Attorney-elect John Creuzot won't be able to become involved in decisions until he is sworn in January first. It's expected one side or the other will file for a delay. 

Wesley Mathews has told several stories of what happened to the child...first that she wandered off and second that she choked while drinking milk. Sherin's body was found about a week after she was reported missing.