Stolen Puppy Returned To Mesquite Family

L.P. Phillips
October 11, 2018 - 12:34 pm
Puppy Stolen From Mesquite Yard

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MESQUITE (1080 KRLD) - Chipper the puppy is back with his owner in Mesquite, thanks in large part to the video of brazen thieves, snatching Chipper by the scruff of the neck from Matt Ivy's yard in Mesquite Saturday.

Last night Matt got a call from Brian Vasquez of Garland. He had the dog.

Saturday, Vasquez was helping close shop at a tire store in Pleasant Grove when a man drove up and asked if anyone was interested in buying a puppy for $300. Vasquez paid the cash and took the dog home. It was his wife who realized it was Chipper.

"I don't have Facebook or nothing. And she's the one who actually heard about it. And then like, she's all , like 'hey I think it's that dog.' And I was like dang you know, should we give it back to the people."

He looked up Ivy, called and returned the puppy last night. Ivy says Chipper is none the worse for the wear.

"The dog's doing wonderful. He's happy he's playing he's using the bathroom right. He's wonderful."

The thieves have not been caught.