Storms Leave Damage At Eagle Mountain Lake

Alan Scaia
May 01, 2019 - 7:20 am
Storm Damage, Broken Tree

Credit: Sergei Pivovarov/Getty Images


EAGLE MOUNTAIN LAKE (1080 KRLD) - Severe weather caused damage to buildings along Eagle Mountain Lake Tuesday night.

People who live along the lake say strong wind flipped a boat dock over and caused damage to another.

"I’m just gladder than hell it didn’t come through my house," says Doug Miller, who lives along the lake. "It really is pretty thankful because if it did that, what would it have done if it had hit my house?"

He says he and his wife took cover in their laundry room, listening to the wind outside. Miller says the wind lifted a boat dock into the air and dropped it on a second dock, damaging the roof.

Some trees along the lake were snapped in half. Spotters also reported damage to trees and roofs along Bonds Ranch Road, east of the lake.

The National Weather Service will survey damage Wednesday but received reports of a rotating wall cloud just east of Eagle Mountain Lake just before 6 p.m.​