Supports Say House Bill Could Save Inmates Lives

Barbara Schwarz
April 06, 2019 - 11:13 am
Jail, Prison, Death Row

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DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - It would mandate 120 hours of training for county temporary jailers.  

Lance Lowry, director of the Texas Association of Tax Payers says it started with a death in the parker county jail involving those with temporary jailers licenses.  

"The jailers on video were seen placing their knees on the guy's back, and ultimately he ended up dying from positional asphyxia."

The bill would also cap jails use of temporary jailers at 10 percent. Lowry says it's now more than 40 percent in some counties. 

Lowry says "This has been an issue going back to the Sandra Bland incident in Waller County. The county ended up having to pay out one point eight million dollars to settle the negligence of the jailers. And part of that was their lack of training."