Supreme Court Of Texas Sides With City Of Denton In Legal Dispute With Utility Workers

L.P. Phillips
March 15, 2019 - 5:21 pm

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DENTON (1080 KRLD) - A win for the city of Denton in a fight with some utility employees could be a win for cities across Texas. 

Utility department employees in Denton are required to be on call for problems once a month....they have to be in town and able to respond to a problem within 30-minutes., under the city's policy manual. The same manual says the employees were also to be paid for that on-call time. 

But the city went back on its word and refused to pay for the overtime, claiming there was no written contract that promises on-call pay.

Now the Supreme Court of Texas has ruled a policy manual is not the same thing as a written contract. 

The High Court said even though the policy manual may call for overtime, it's not legally binding.

"Here, the City of Denton’s Policies and Procedures Manual does not create such a contract because the Manual effectively disclaims the City’s contractual intent. We accordingly reverse the court of appeals’ judgment affirming the denial of the City’s plea to the jurisdiction and render judgment dismissing the case." the ruling said.

The ruling takes Denton, and other cities across the state with similar issues off the hook for the money.